Have you always wanted the secrets and tips to creating
beautiful, decorated cookies?

"It's more than just a box....."

What I know about my subscribers is that it’s more than just a box to them. It’s a monthly gift to themselves. As women, we do for everyone around us and rarely take the time to do something just for us.

Yes, this box contains super fun cookie cutters and other items, but the feeling you get when you receive your box is what it’s all about!!


boxes packed


cookie decorated


smiles given


cookies eaten

What will I get in my premium box each month?

The best thing about the Cheerful Box is that it’s a complete surprise each month! I love giving you little sneak peeks throughout the month, but ultimately I want it to be a surprise for you.

The boxes contain cookie cutters that are designed by Lauren and coordinate with a particular theme each month

You will always receive:

  • Large cookie cutters- You will receive six 3.5"-4" cutters
  • Mini cookie cutters- You will receive three 2"-2.25" cutters
  • Stencil- A coordinating stencil
  • Cookie class- The link to my You Tube tutorial for the cookie cutters in the box
  • Surprise item - we love adding  little surprises to each box. This could be a detail paint brush, sprinkles, stickers, bag tag downloads, etc.

Be a part of something bigger than yourself.....

Being a subscriber is definitely just for you….but what you get is so much bigger. We are like a little secret society of women who are like minded and love the same things. We have this instant bond over fun decorated cookies.

It’s about feeling creative, feeling accomplished, and giving yourself grace to learn something new, unapologetically.

The Cheerful Box- Monthly Cookie Club- PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION

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Cookie cutters made for cookiers by cookiers

Welcome to my shop! I am a cookie decorator so I know what type of cutters you are looking for. My cutters are made to last with double thick walls and comfort handles. They stand up to thick dough and messy cookie rooms.

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